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"The man writes the date on the letter."

Translation:Mannen skriver datumet på brevet.

March 15, 2015



One of the other choices read that the man cries the date on the letter, and all I can picture is some poor man sobbing over his notebook paper.


Is there anyway to distinguish between knowing when to use ''på'' and ''i'' in this case? Thank you!


It’s the same as English here, if it would have been i he would have written the date in the letter, i.e. included it in the text he wrote. If he writes the date the letter, than it’s on the outside of it, where you write the address.


i dont know if im wrong but i noticed a pattern where "pa" is always used for a phrase that happens routinely. "i" is always used when the phrase is just talking bout a one time thing. So i thought this time it means that the man always writes the date on the letter. Whereas if "i" was used, i would think of it as a scene from just one day.

Can someone clear me out on this???


It gives "om" as translation choice, but doesn't accept it.


Don't rely on the hover translations too much... 'on' can translate as 'om' in some constructions where it could be substituted with "about", but not in this one (e.g. 'a book on history' - 'en bok om historia')


one of my other choices was "the man writes the date on a boy"

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