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Streak broken when learning offline

Hi, During a long travel I was using Duolingo in the offline mode. Watching out to reach my every day XP target. However, after coming back home and logging online for the first time after a few days, all my XP achieved in the offline mode were booked to the day of my return, thus the previous days achieved 0 XP and my long streak was broken. Is it possible to fix that?


March 15, 2015



Unfortunately that is the way it works. If you work off line on the app you still need to go on line each day to synchronise your work.


I would consider this as a serious bug. Is it possible to report it somewhere?


It isn't a bug, at least by my definition, but I agree that it can be annoying. Offline working was never intended for extensive periods off line so I doubt that it is unlikely to be remedied in the near future.


It's too bad if thats how it works. I'm going on vacation soon and I don't know if there will be any computers. I might have to find a way to log in on a tablet.

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