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  5. "Jag vill gå hem."

"Jag vill hem."

Translation:I want to go home.

March 15, 2015



So wait. What’s the difference between hem and hemma?


I am also curious about this. Why hem here and not hemma?


"Hemma" is a location, "hem" is a direction. You're talking about movement in a direcion rather than in a certain spot here, so it has to be "hem".


Can you write: "jag vill ha gå hem"?


No, vill ha is used for wanting nouns. Read more about vill and vill ha here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/5892480


Think of it like "I want to have go home". That makes no sense.


Is this a modal verb? I thought it would be "jag vill att gå hem"?


Jag vill gå hem, so this means that the person just has the 'feeling' to go home? Not specifically by foot or transportation? (Until further notice of course)


It merely implies wanting to go home, the mode of transportation is unclear.


Why not Jag vill att gå hem? I'm not sure when to use 'att' and when to leave it out...?


I grew up hearing about my mother's Swedish mormor. She spoke English well, but at the end of an evening's visit she would announce, "Jag gå hem nu." When she said that everyone knew it was time to take her home Now. She was a liten kvinna , but she was also "She who must be obeyed." :-)


Why not "går" ? Isn´t that the infinitive? I did not come across "gå" so far.


No, går is the present tense, is the infinitive.


Duolingo should also accept the translation "I wanna go home."


I'm sorry, but that's considered too colloquial to accept.


These types of creative spellings that follow spoken vernacular also exist in Swedish. "Sa du?" = "Vad sade du?" for example. In general, it's just asking way too much to add all of these variations, one by one, into the Duolingo system. Also, most people do seem to prefer learning the normalized/formalized version of languages for writing purposes. Especially in the beginning. And let's be real, Duolingo is an intro course.

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