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I did 4 lessons yesterday, but it did not count the last one--AGAIN!!!

This is the 2nd time this happened. I have my goal set at 10. The day before yesterday, we were really busy, so I only did one lesson... I got all the way through it, it said I met my goal. Then yesterday, the lesson I did wasn't counted and it killed my 17 day streak.

So yesterday, I did the lesson over, plus three more. Each time, it showed that I completed the lessons, and at the end of the night I had 40xp.

This morning I get up, and I only have 30xp for yesterday, and it does not show that I did the last lesson I did last night, so I am retaking it again today.

Duolingo is dropping off the last lessons I'm taking every day. This has happened two days in a row!!!!

March 15, 2015


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