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"I am swimming in my uncle's pool."

Translation:Jeg er i gang med at svømme i min onkels svømmebassin.

March 15, 2015



Why is Jeg er i færd med at svømmer i min onkels svømmebassin. not applicable?


"Jeg er i færd med at svømme i min onkels svømmebassin" will be marked as correct. Remember that verbs after "at" are in the infinitive, "svømme", not "svømmer" which is present. That's where you slipped up in your sentence :)


Thanks. I was sure it must have been something obvious I was missing.


A better translation would be "Jeg svømmer i min onkels svømmebasin" as "jeg er igang med at..." Is more descriptive as "I'm in the process of swimming..."


That's such a weird sentence in Danish. You wouldnt say it with 'i gang med.' You'd just use the simple present tense.


In Danish: "Jeg svømmer i min onkels pool". "er i gang med at" are completely un-necessary and disturbing over-killing words just to stress the present. "svømmebassin" is a correct word in Danish, but most Danes would use the English word "pool".


Why not "jag sidder og svømmer i min onkles svømmebassin"?


1) it's 'jeg' not 'jag' 2) you only use 'sidder og' when you're literally doing the action while sitting down.


Oops, I knew I shouldn't study Danish and Swedish at the same time!


(I'm a native Dane) Duolingo has a strange way of pronouncing both "onkels" and "svømmebassin" here


What is the difference between jeg er i gang med at & jeg er ved at ??

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