"They look like a happy couple."

Translation:De ser ut att vara ett lyckligt par.

March 15, 2015

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The second option "De ser ut att vara ett lyckligt par" gives perhaps the same meaning, but when translating it back to english, it comes out different: "they look to be a happy couple', with a subtly different meaning.

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i agree jtree16.. saw it and didn't click the one that adds "att vara" something to check cheers


Does "De ser ut som ett lyckligt par" works in this instance?


I got it as a multiple question, and while De ser ut att vara ett lyckligt par conveys the same meaning, we've been told so many times to only translate what's being said, and not come up with translations that are similar, but not quite the same.

e.g. I'm not pretty being translated as I'm ugly

So they look like a happy couple is not quite the same as They seem to be a happy couple, which is what De ser ut att vara ett lyckligt par actually means. It think it should be at least removed from the multiple choice questions, because I didn't click it on purpose, since it's not the exact same thing as De ser ut som ett lyckligt par, and was marked wrong for not choosing it as of the two correct answers.



I've disabled the reverse translation to begin with. There's something more complex here in how the languages correspond, I wouldn't say that De ser ut som ett lyckligt par is a closer translation of 'They look like a happy couple', but I can't really wrap my head around it atm. (The closest translation for 'They seem to be a happy couple' is De verkar vara ett lyckligt par)

I'd delete the sentence altogether but it's no use now since we've got this problem with zombie sentences.

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