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Gracias, Duolingo.

Hello all of you. I'm back to Duolingo after some months of absence, I came here to tell THANKS (one more time) to the creators of this platform. I tell you an anecdote: a couple of days ago I started to watch a tv show on his original language and with english subtitles (CC), it called ''The Returned'', and I understood it completely, I need to progress with the pronunciation, 'cause I tried doing the same with a northern irish show (this time without subtitles) and it was almost impossible to understand it.

If I've made some mistakes in my text, so sorry. I'm still learning.

Well, keep studying. The efforts worth it. Thanks for reading me. Have a nice day.

Tania :)

P.S I recommend you a course I found in YouTube, is pretty helpful. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLY-zMWxzx2WYH8FzDeZxG-3rLT9lb1qRX

Now, spanish. ----> Hola a todos. Regreso a Duolingo después de algunos meses de ausencia, vine para dar las gracias (una vez más) a los creadores de esta plataforma.

Les cuento una anécdota: hace un par de días comencé a ver una serie de televisión en su idioma original con subtítulos en inglés (CC), llamada ''The Returned'', y la entendí absolutamente toda, me hace falta progresar la pronunciación, porque intenté hacer lo mismo con una serie norirlandesa (esta vez sin subtítulos) y me fue casi imposible entenderlo.

Bueno, sigan estudiando. Los esfuerzos valen la pena. Gracias por leerme. Que tengan buen día.


March 15, 2015

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This is really awesome, I started a couple of months ago and I've tried to don't give up... At this time I know a lot of things and I can to speak about everything in english... I just need to practice everyday to improve but Duolingo is the platform who helped me a lot... Btw congrats for this and I hope you continue learning and impriving your languages :D


Thank you so much, I really appreciate your comment. Have a great day. :)


Hello Tania, its great to know that you have been so succesful in Duolingo, congratulations!

I have a project to bring duolingo to poor kids. At this point its just an idea, but I would really apreciate if you could read my post, an letme know what do you think, from the point of view of a former duolingo´s student.

Thank you in advance!

¡Saludos desde Costa Rica!



Thanks! :D

I'm so happy you're thinking about that project, it sounds so awesome. I'll read it. ¡Saludos desde México!


Nice job Tania, congratulations!.....Regards from Chile!!


Thank you! :D Saludos.


Good job your English skills are high and I wish you luck to keep you ahead. ''SALUDOS DESDE HONDURAS'' keep it up and you will achieve what you want.


I'm so glad to read your comment, it gives me so much confidence. Thank you! ¡Saludos!


Anything you too for giving me your confidence congratulations you've come back to this great program.


Hola. Me identifico contigo, me ocurre algo similar a lo que cuentas en tu anécdota, me doy cuenta de que me hace falta ejercitar un poco más el oido. Duolingo es una gran plataforma didáctica. Muchas felicidades, y hay que seguir adelante!!! :D


Lo mismo pienso Tania!! I think the same!! Lol!!

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