"We meet often."

Translation:Vi träffas ofta.

March 15, 2015

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why can't we use möter in this sentence?


möter needs to have an object, so you would have to say who you are meeting in the Swedish sentence then. träffas is reflexive so it means we meet each other. möts is reflexive too so that would work here.


thank you very much! so are all following options correct?

  1. vi träffas ofta
  2. vi möts ofta
  3. vi möter ofta varandra


Now accepted answers are
Vi ses ofta.
Vi möts ofta.
Vi träffas ofta.

varandra isn't wrong, but still, it has the same function as in English, so since it isn't in the English sentence, there's no reason to add it in the Swedish translation.
But both Vi möter ofta varandra and Vi möter varandra ofta are correct sentences.


Understood. Thank you very much, i really appreciate your patience! : )


Why "träffaS"? Is '-as' the ending of the verb here or is this some different construction? I thought all the present tense verbs end in -r. Tack.


It's a deponent verb, read more about them here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6094592


Thanks so much.


Sorry, but I still don't understand the difference between träffas/ses/möter, could you please explain me again the use of each one?


Is there a reason "vi ofte träffas" is incorrect? Is it just that you can't do that word order?


For swedish grammar: In AFFIRMATIVE sentences it is applied the V2 rule, which means that the VERB must be placed on the second (2nd) position.

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