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Would Japanese be a possiblility for Duolingo?

Heya, I really like Duolingo have been using it for quite some time and have learned a great deal of german.

But I would love to learn Japanese because it a beautiful language, but rather difficult to tackle yourself.

Anyone else agree?

December 14, 2012



I agree. Japanese is one of the best sounding languages, very rhythmic. It would be great to learn Kanji with Duolingo.


I think you mean Definitely.


Yeah sorry auto correct... :(


I speak Japanese and I think the speaking part is not particularly hard to pick up -- it is very regular and forms and tenses are limited. The hard parts is speaking formally or politely (and correctly), and writing (kanji). It is unlikely that Duolingo (or any other computer-based course can help with the polite and formal speech, because it requires a context (real people and situations) to master. Though it would be nice to have Duolingo course for basic grammar -- the basics of Japanese can be learnt Duolingo-style very fast, if one can keep up with the totally new vocabulary.


Thanks for your input :)


I agree that formality is one of the most difficult and worrisome aspects of Japanese. Initially I always felt like I was walking on eggshells, over-thinking what might be the most appropriate verb form for, say, another teacher my age. I eventually found that, for industries accustomed to having foreign employees, like primary education, polite speech (丁寧語) was sufficient and allowed me to become used to speaking in a native environment more comfortably. Everyone has different things they require from a language, but for most, until they feel comfortable speaking Japanese at an advanced, N2-ish level, I don't think honorifics should be a concern. In DL's case, I don't believe it would be wise to introduce honorifics as part of its elementary or intermediate curriculum, as is typical for traditional courses.


I would love Japanese or Korean, it's one of those languages you just gotta know to look cool at the party.


Haha I guess that's one way to look at it.


I would love to learn japanese


I agree with you, I would love to learn Japanese.


Has to be one of my life Goals.


that would be cool, but maybe also russian or arabic, turk


Russian is a cool language!


Indeed! Japanese is a very beautiful language and it might be very pleasurable to learn it through of Duolingo!

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I'd love to learn japanese, but even more Mandarin!


Mandarin is the chineese langue.


Where is Luis or any expert on this discussion? It would be great for him to at least say Okay or let us know what he's thinking. Am I right? Or am I right?


I definitely think Japanese sounds beautiful and for that reason would love to learn it, there's only so much a can learn on my own and i would love to learn it in the structure this website has!


I definitely agree.


I agree. I already know some Japanese, but it would be great to practice it here, especially the Kanji. I think Kanji might be easier to learn and remember through exercise games.


Yeah I learned a little in school, struggle to remember most of it except for basic hello, goodbye, thanks, etc


I kind of thought so, but I think as it turns out, just reading is probably funner than doing exercises ;-)


Patiently waiting for japanese!!!


Ikimashoo!!! Yes. It would be great to have this as an additional resource. I am presently learning (albeit very slowly) Japanese. My main obstacle is the switch to a Subject-Object-Verb language.


I also would -love- to learn Japanese! While I have 4 years of French already, had Japanese been available at the time of starting, I likely would've never touched French.


I think I read a few months ago that Japanese is coming Q1 2013.


Though I would prefer mandarin, I would gladly enroll in Japanese if offered, as I would really like to learn an asian language.


I've always wanted to learn Japanese


OK. I've seen about 10,999,999 of these today. So people just wait and be calm.


I think they do considering the amount of up votes you got :)

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