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Finished my tree with a gift for thee! [Full Vocab List]

It's been a real fun ride, and after a 111 day streak I managed to finish the tree! A big thanks goes to the content creators for putting together a fantastic course, and for the community for being so helpful :D

Since the "vocabulary" section is not yet available for Swedish, I thought I'd share a list I made of all the words seen in the tree. You can find it here. It's super useful if you're also making flashcards, which I highly recommend (See: Anki).

Happy learning!


March 15, 2015



That's great!

Just for fun, here is a histogram of word length as per your list:

The shortest word is i, and the longest words, tied at a whopping 17 letters, are nittonhundratalet and riksdagsledamöter!





I can't believe you made a chart! A lingot for your efforts!


Ah shucks, it was nothing. Pushmatrix inspired my inner histogram maker is all.

[deactivated user]

    Grattis! It was indeed one of the best courses in Duolingo! Tack så mycket för listan! :)


    Thank you for this! And congratulations on your tree! I will import these into my newly downloaded Anki :)


    Thank you, Pushmatrix! Other Duo learners may also be interested in duome.eu. If you add your user name at the end of the address (https://duome.eu/abc123), you can see your personal stats in the course! On the upper right of the page, there's a box with your stats: click the blue "Swedish" word. Below, it will open an area with 3 tabs: the first is "skills," which shows you which lessons you've completed, when you completed them and how many you have left. The next tab over is "words." If you click on this, you will see a complete list of all of the words in the Swedish course and the ones you've been exposed to/learned are highlighted in blue. It's searchable and in alphabetical (not lesson) order. It doesn't look very exportable to me, but I am far from expert.


    Grattis! I can't wait to finish my tree :D


    Oh I only need to buy 2250 flashcards now. :)

    Thanks for your time doing this! Just out of curiosity, are the words listed in any particular way?


    Top down, left right.


    Ha ha ha! OK, thank you!


    I think they're in order of when you learn them, assuming you do the lessons left to right


    brilliant, thanks so much for doing this!


    Congratulations! And thanks for posting this, exactly what I was looking for to feed Anki, not having had the foresight to keep a running list like you did. Wonder how your retention is a year on?


    Thank you so much for posting this! It's very helpful! :)


    Tack så mycket. I give you a lingote for your effort.

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