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"Flickan äter äpplen eftersom hon älskar frukt."

Translation:The girl eats apples because she loves fruit.

March 15, 2015



What are the grammatical differences between "darfor att" and "eftersom?" When do I use either?

[deactivated user]

    Yeah I'm wondering that too..


    I also want to know. By the way, in duolingo you dont get any notifs for replies, right?


    They are both subordinating conjunctions and are used to explain the reason for what's happening in the main clause:

    Jag gjorde det, därför att jag var tvungen. Jag gjorde det, eftersom jag var tvungen. I did it, because I had to.

    The difference is that eftersom can be used in the beginning of the sentence as well, which därför att most often cannot:

    Eftersom jag var tvungen, gjorde jag det. (Since I had to, I did.)


    that sounds very weird: shouldn't it be 'because she loves fruits'?


    Both in Swedish and in English, we prefer to use frukt/fruit as a mass noun when talking about fruit seen as food. If you talk about them as single items of fruit, or different kinds of fruit, you could say frukter/fruits – 'Äpplen och päron är frukter' Apples and pears are fruits


    In the sentence, it is said she eats apples. While i understand what you are saying (and it is certainly grammatically correct), I find it odd to then say "because she loves fruit" (and not fruits). It just sounds odd to me. I used fruits initially and was told it was wrong. I find it a bit harsh given the overall translation and meaning is still accurate


    I wrote in English: "...since she loves fruits". Doesn't eftersom mean "since"? It was marked incorrect.


    Please tell me most Swedish people don't speak like this and its just difficult to understand the verbal because its an automated voice. Jagforstatinte


    Why doesn't äpplen mean "the apple"?


    Because "Äpple" is an "Ett" word. Ett words ending in vowels get ".-n" to form the indefinite plural.


    did you know that eating 20-25 apples in a day will kill you?


    Only if you eat the cores!


    What an interesting fact to know


    Are eftersom and darfor att interchangable?


    The same in spanish, if you eat a lot of fruits, you eat "fruta", fruit.


    And then she fell into a deep sleep..

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