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  5. "Der Student lernt."

"Der Student lernt."

Translation:The university student is learning.

August 28, 2013



What is the difference between Student and Schüler? Are they used as synonyms?


No, they're not interchangeable.

"In Germany, the German cognate term "student" is reserved for those attending a university. University students in their first year are colloquially called Ersties ("firsties"). Different terms for school students exist, depending on which kind of school is attended by the student. The general term for a person going to school is Schüler or Schülerin. Students attending a university preparatory school are called Gymnasiasten, while those attending other schools are called Hauptschüler or Realschüler. Students who graduate with the Abitur are called Abiturienten."



This might be a stupid question, but am I correct in saying "der Student" but "die Studentin"


Correct, with this answer, you would be.


Is the "S" always pronounced as "Sh" when it precedes a "T"?


At the beginning of a word, yes. In other positions, it's a bit more complex. Have a look at this:



I believe the the Student/Schüler pair also extends to the verbs they use. I.e. der Student studiert, der Schüler lernt. You wouldn't generally say 'der Student lernt'.


That's not correct. Both "Studenten" and "Schüler" can "lernen". Remember that "studieren" without an object means being university student. "Er ist Student" means the same as "Er studiert". "Der Student studiert" is a tautology.

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