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Quantifying Duolingo progress?

I've established Duolingo as an ongoing homework assignment in all my (high school) Spanish classes. I invented a grading rubric (click the link to view and comment) that encourages students to learn new skills and strengthen old ones, while leaving them considerable freedom as to what to work on. I've been using it four weeks now and have become fairly quick on computing the scores (I now start from the bottom up and when I get to the part where I have to press the "eye" on the dashboard to compute scores based on the number of new lessons and their strengthening sessions, I just have to count until 50. Most students go beyond that so there's no need to continue counting). At any rate, I'd like your comments on this system and especially any ideas you might have on making something which would take me less time to evaluate.

So far, I think it has caused a very positive surge in their correct use of DL; also, it has positively impacted their grades and this in itself has motivated them to do more.

March 15, 2015



This is extremely useful. I particularly enjoy your rewarding of things like golden trees and practicing "upper echelon" skills.

Thank you for posting this!


Thanks for looking it over. Btw, your avatar is classy!


Haha thanks! As another teacher, I'm curious as to some of the other tools you use in your class that pick up where Duolingo leaves off--in particular with active skills like speaking and writing (without first having been prompted). I teach 7-12 French and rely on French in Action for that--but I'm always curious to find out what others do as well.

I should also say that I am going to work with my students this week to tailor your rubric to our needs/usage of Duolingo--I'll keep you posted on what we come up with.


@ldunn288 Would you be willing to share the rubric that you and your students created? Thx.


This looks interesting! I'm trying to find ways to integrate the use of Duolingo in lessons...your rubric is nifty!


I have a requirement for my private students, which is one new lesson every day and three exercises for each new lesson. So i keep track and grade them by their percentage. Por instance, if in 5 days they did 4 new lessons and 12 exercises (strenghten skills), their grade is 80 (as in 80%) and they need a final grade of 70% to pass.


You got a "lingote" today! I also started a few weeks ago, trying to use it as homework only. Some students work during class but I discourage them to do so because can become disruptive. How much do they learn? It depends on many factors, like: do they skip the listening questions. Do they get help from someone else, or let others do their homework for them; I saw a student reading the question, and then copy and paste to translate! I don't care about the xp points, I care about specific activities or skills; I don't like that they can jump with tests. Also, if you give them homework on Friday, let's say 3 activities, then you should be able to get a report on those assignments. Finally, we should be able to run quizzes in the same platform, where we can verify they remember and understand the questions.


You use Duolingo for schools, don't you? This posting of mine is old; now they have the assignments feature and I just use that. Duolingo certainly isn't an all-around good language teaching platform, but as a supplement it is fun and over the long term I see positive results.


Hello, you seem like an experienced person who could hopefully help! I am trying to use Duolingo for extra credit with my students. I would like to give them credit for the progress they make, whether they test out or do the lessons. I assigned a ton of stuff -- the entire first 3 sections of the program. (They are Spanish 2 students but most of them need a lot of review.) I can see that a lot of them have accumulated XP and made progress, but only for a few students does it show that assignments are actually completed. What I was hoping was, that when the students had demonstrated mastery of a topic, whether by completing lessons or testing, the assignment would show as completed and they could earn points that way. But it is not quite working out that way. Advice? Suggestions? Thank you! I thought this was going to be such a brilliant plan (self-paced! helping the students right where they need it! no extra grading!) but it seems there are still plenty of things I need to figure out to make this work.

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