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  5. "I cannot find anything!"

"I cannot find anything!"

Translation:Jag hittar ingenting!

March 15, 2015



"Jag hittar ingenting" vs "Jag hittar inte någonting." Can it not be said the second way?


Yes, it can be said in both ways.


Mine was marked incorrect: http://imgur.com/gallery/p9rHyrp (I hope this imgur works. This is my first try.)


Mine too, I put exactly the same answer.


Mine as well. If Jag hittar inte någonting is actually wrong, it's be nice to know why.


I be wondering the same thing.


I believe that någonting actually means "something", not "anything", unless it is used in a question, such as "Is there anything you want me to buy there for you?" I remember seeing this in an earlier post. Basically even in this sentence you could change "anything" to "something" without changing the meaning of the sentence too much.


what about: "Jag hittar inte något."


Also curious as to why "Jag hittar inte någon/någonting" is marked incorrect?


Jag hittar ingenting" vs "Jag hittar inte någonting" vs. "Jag hittar inte något/någon."

I'm not a native Swedish speaker but I am a linguist and was once fluent in Swedish.

"I cannot find anything" does not translate word for word to any language I know of.

  1. The lack of "can" I was surprised that no one commented on the lack of this word. In English we often say "I can't see!/I can't see [object], we can't find [object], he can't hear! He can't hear [object]," but in other languages, people say the equivalent of "I don't see, we don't find..., he doesn't hear."

  2. not + anything = nothing Think about it: A. I can't find anything. = I find nothing. versus B. I can't find something.

They have different meanings, don't they? In A, I'm looking for objects A, B, and C and I can't find any of them. In B, I'm looking for something specific (for example, my list of passwords), but I don't want to tell you what it is, so I just tell you "I can't find something."

I believe the translations of the above are: 1. I can't find anything. = Jag hittar ingenting. 2. I can't find something. = Jag hittar inte något.

"Jag hittar inte någon" would then mean "I can't find someone." and the target sentence was "anything."


However, for "I do not trust anybody", which actually means "I trust nobody", Duolingo dictates the translation is "Jag litar inte på någon" and marks "Jag litar på ingen" as wrong. (See https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/8548228 ) These two pairs of sentences are parallel in structure. I don't understand.


Jag hittar ingenting is i find nothing


i wonder the same thing here, too


Ingenting is negating the noun. Thats not what the question says.


I also put, "jag hittar inte någonting". Four years later, can anyone reliably explain why this is not acceptable?


What's wrong about "Jag kan hitta ingenting"?


Now does ingenting mean anything or does it mean nothing ? Because a previous lesson had någonting meaning anything. This is my confusion when words appear to mean opposite concepts but also the same concept I think there are no correct answers only confusion.


Does inte någon(ting) always being transformed into ingen(ting)?


Why can I not translate: "Jag kan inte hitta inget". I tried to translate the "cannot" in the English sentence, which is lacking in the Swedish sentence. (reported)

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