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  5. "Du behöver inte fortsätta!"

"Du behöver inte fortsätta!"

Translation:You do not need to continue!

March 15, 2015



Being a pompous arse, I wrote ''You need not continue!'' and the owl corrected me saying that there shouldn't be a space between need and not. I didn't lose a point, but I'm still ranting.


Typo fixed.


does the ts in förtsätta sound like tj in "tjugo" or ts in english "boats"?


No. The whole combination becomes retroflex because of the r. Phonetically what you get is ʈʂ.
First the rt becomes retroflex ʈ, then the s after also becomes retroflex, like ʂ.

I think the pronunciation here is pretty clear: http://sv.forvo.com/search/forts%C3%A4tta/

This happens in Standard Swedish and most dialects, but dialects that don't have the standard Swedish R sound (known as an alveolar trill: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alveolar_trill) will pronounce it differently.


"You need not continue" is common here.


Is it not accepted? The top-most comment says it was, and that was written three years ago.


I know, so frustrating. It dinged me and said the correct translation was "You do not need to continue".


Would "You do not need to go on." be accepted? It means the same, but it may be worded differently in Swedish.


Would there be a difference if you wanted a slightly different tone of meaning, such as, "you need to not continue"? edit; "slightly", not "silently" ... Phone auto-corrected the wrong word.


Yeah, you'd have to rephrase that entirely - Swedish can't use that expression.


what is the difference between "att behålla" and "att fortsätta" ? . I have seen to be used in similar ways.


behålla means to keep as in not stop having, while fortsätta means to keep as in to continue.


nu fattar jag!, tack så mycket

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