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  5. "Vår planet har en måne"

"Vår planet har en måne"

Translation:Our planet has a moon

March 15, 2015



Note that planet is pronounced wrong here: the stress should be on the last syllable. When it's stressed on the first syllable, as the Voice does now, it means the plane.


That's good to note; tack!


Is "our planet has one moon" wrong?


There would be an emphasis on "en"(one) if that was the case.


You mean like how Danish technically distinguishes between en and én? Because that would make sense, but I don't think I've seen that in my (rather limited) exposure to Swedish.


I guess it's similar, I'm not too familiar with Danish. In writing it's exactly the same, but you can generally tell through how it's being pronounced in a sentence whether it's one or a. If it's "a", en wouldn't get much attention, however if it's "one", the word "en" would have a slightly higher pitch and possibly pronounced slightly slower to emphasis it.

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