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Sentence construction

I'm on the lesson "jobs" and it gives the sentence "Muinteoiri is ea iad" (sorry, I don't know how to do fadas on this computer!) which means "They are teachers." Now, if you had just asked me how to write the sentence "They are teachers" in Irish, I would have said "Is muinteoiri iad." Is that incorrect? And if so, why? If not, are there two ways to say it and is one more standard than the other?

Go raibh maith agat!

March 15, 2015



First off, are you using PC/Mac/Linux (and which distro, if Linux?)? How you get the fadas will depend on that.

So there's two different ways of saying you are something

The general form is the one involving the copula, is. This is something you see yourself as, something more permanent.

The form you are talking about involves is. It's an emphatic form. Unlike English, Irish doesn't use stress to emphasize words, instead it changes the syntax (or adds suffixes), which the emphasis being fronted.

So what you're talking about is equivalent to "They are teachers", which stress on teachers.

I suggest you read here

Another example would be Is álainn atá an lá, which is basically "the day is beautiful", though it deviates from the normal structure.

However, there's another form, one involving and i. This one is more temporary, or something you're doing but don't see yourself as.

A sample:

I am working as a teacher at the moment to save up money, but I don't see myself as a teacher. So I'd say Tá mé i mo mhúinteoir

See here for the is v. bí i distintction.


I keep thinking I've started to develop an intuitive grasp of the grammar, and then the language throws a curveball like this. You're amazing, GR, keep up the good work around here!


Agreed, CHarrell13, GR does indeed know his stuff. Thank you for the nice explanation!


First off, are you using PC/Mac/Linux (and which distro, if Linux?)? How you get the fadas will depend on that.

I'm using Ubuntu. I have this wonderful little program that lets me effortlessly type accents when I'm using Windows, but I haven't been able to find anything comparable for Linux. And I've been having issues with my Windows, which means I've been using Ubuntu a lot more lately.


Both are correct and "Is múinteoirí iad" is more common. As the link that GalaxyRocker provided explains "Múinteoirí is ea iad" is more similar to "Teachers, they are". Another example would be to say something like "Is lá breá é seo" (This is a lovely day) or "Lá breá is ea é seo" (A lovely day this is).


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