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Dictionary link?

Would it be possible to have a hyper-link to a good dictionary at the top - or bottom - of each page of translation? Dragging out and paging through my big fat Collins hard copy for translations other than offered in the drop-down boxes is getting old quite quickly. I know you'd need a different link for each language so perhaps more work than you want. Further to the topic, for those who are way ahead of me, a Spanish-only dictionary (no English) might be useful.

December 14, 2012



I'd like to see a dictionary link available on every page - lessons as well as translations.


For words which duolingo doesn't have in it's standard dictionary, a dictionary link to the word on a dictionary site should be given in the drop-down box


Love the idea of a link to a really good dictionary , and an all Spanish one would be fabulous .All in good time ???

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