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  5. "Eu teria tido uma doença."

"Eu teria tido uma doença."

Translation:I would have had a disease.

August 28, 2013



Seems to me that "I would have had a sickness" should be accepted. I reported 12/8/2017.


Why sickness was not accepted? is it not the same as disease?


"Disease" is a condition diagnosed by a medical profession with specific biomedical indicators.

"Sickness" is can include the state of being sick/ill physically or mentally in a person or can be used to describe a disfunctional society.

[deactivated user]

    Frustrating! I could have translated literally, but I chose "I would have been ill". Why isn't this accepted?

    can this be "I could have had an illness" ?


    I believe I would have been ill would be translated as Eu teria ficado doente, which has a slightly different meaning, but I would like to see others' opinions on this.


    "I could have had an illness." = «Eu poderia ter tido uma doença.»

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