"Jag hatar att se dem lida."

Translation:I hate to see them suffer.

March 15, 2015

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You see Duolingo this is why I worry about you, gosh with sentences like these I start to wonder what you gotten youself into...


Could you also say "Jag hatar att se att de ska lida" like in the other exercise, "Jag vill inte att du ska lida"

Or at least, "Jag hatar att de ska lida" - "I hate that they suffer"

Trying to practice "att... ska" :)


No, that would be "I hate to see that they will suffer", and "Jag hatar att de ska lida" is "I hate that they will suffer." "I hate that they suffer" is "Jag hatar att de lider".

Basically the "ska" implies that the hypothetical suffering takes place in the future, so "Jag vill inte att du ska lida" implies that you don't want the person to suffer at some later point or, if they're already suffering, that you don't want them to continue suffering.


I'm not native in English would you please explain the meaning of this sentence


It means "I really do not like the fact that they (other people, not specified in this sentence) are in physical/emotional pain."

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    Why is it wrong to say: I hate it to see them suffer?


    In English you can either say "I hate it when they suffer." or "I hate to see them suffer."

    The it here equals to see them suffer so you don't need both.


    Cant we use att after se?


    I don't think you can. It's the infinitive att se here. It wouldn't make sense the other way round.


    How come "Jag hatar att se de lida" doesn't work?

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