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Wrong Phrases

A friend of mine is learning German, which I speak just about natively. I've noticed that she's being taught some phrases that sound very strange in German. For example:

  1. "Ja, danke, Mann."

At best, a German would say this humorously, conscious of the fact that it is a literal translation of an English phrase.

I wonder how these phrases creep into the lessons. I get the impression from the above example that some of the phrases are machine translations of English phrases. Shouldn't the phrases, especially in the basic levels, be written by humans?

December 14, 2012



There are some very awkward and clumsy phrases in the German lessons, both when translating from German to English and vice versa and I agree that they seem to be machine translations. I'm doing German as a refresher as I have studied German before so I may notice them more than a beginner would. I try not to learn these except in so far as I need to to test out. It is an irritation though.


what will the people say in 5 years? ... maybe ... hey, he speaks and writes a strong DuoLingo accent. ... SpaƟ beiseite ... ich halte es wie "helenvee" ( I try not to learn these ) ... und hoffe, dass mit der Zeit diese Phrasen weniger werden.

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