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  5. "He got the ball in his face."

"He got the ball in his face."

Translation:Han fick bollen i ansiktet.

March 16, 2015



Does the ball have some other meaning relating to male anatomy, like in English?


No, but "kula" (marble) does


Nope, boll is not used euphemistically.


Au contraire, I've actually heard it used like that. I believe it's a clear anglicism. And I've only heard in on a few rare occasions.


Why is hans instead of sitt wrong?


Still waiting for an explanation on this...


Given how the phrase is structured, it can't really be any other face than his own. And since it's his own face, Swedish uses a reflexive pronoun.


Is "Kula (-or)" also "bullet(s)"?


How do you say "ouch" in Swedish?


Why isn't it fått? I have it in my heid that fått is received and fick is got... oh wait a minute... har fått! Söt Odinsdotter. Förlåt.


Did you mean that an exclamation? "Sweet Odin's daughter! By Merlin's beard!" - that kind of thing? Because Swedish doesn't use "sweet" like that. It sounds like you just randomly said a woman is cute. :) It's possible in the definite, but still not very advisable.


Söt! En nackdel med inga svenskor i Skottland är inga konversationer, därför kontext (?) är svårt. Jag ska bli en svensk komedien (?) vem använder fela ord i annorlunda platser. För bara en nätt, Malmö ge det upp till Den Dumma Skotten. Finns det pengar på det tror du?


kontext is right, but the construction doesn't work - we use e.g. därför är det svårt med kontext. Also komiker som använder fel ord på annorlunda platser. But you get most things right, just minor details wrong!

Well, I paid money to see Dara Ó Briain in Gothenburg. I'm sure if there's money for an Irish comedian in one place, there should be more for a Scottish in another. :)


Ok. Inga fria biljetter, du måste betala. Den Pigeon Svenska Tour 2021. Jag kommer att ringa agenten.

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