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Passive Participles - does not become golden

Don't know if this has already been published (I did a search, but found no such item on the forum).

Anyway, Passive Participles lesson would not become golden, even after 10 consecutive lessons. From what I heard, I am not the only one to experience this.

Duo team - FYI.

Regards, Leonid.

March 16, 2015



Try redoing lesson 1 in the skill instead of strengthening the skill. That worked for me.


That worked, tack sa mycket!


Can't believe I didn't try that. Thank you, that worked brilliantly!


redoing lesson 1 and strenghtening the skill afterwards worked for me!


Previous post about was 2 days ago, but thank you for at least trying to search for it. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/7530142


I realized my search was lousy two minutes later, after discovering that post. Should have looked through the forum, and not try the "search" option using keywords. But for what it's worth - looks like this post did its job :)

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