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"Eu não sei escrever em chinês."

Translation:I do not know how to write in Chinese.

August 28, 2013



What is wrong with this one: I don't know how to write Chinese. Is the translation "too free"?


As a native speaker of US English, I think that "write Chinese" should be allowed. That was how I wrote it, since I figured that Duo would consider "write in Chinese" to be too literal. ;-)


Why not "I can't write in Chinese"?


Unfortunately still not accepted Jan 7 2020


Cannot should also be accepted


Technically, that should be «Não posso escrever em chinês.».


I don't know but "in Chinese" doesn't sound good to me,,, I don't know how to write Chinese... is more natural...


Should there not be a 'como' in there somewhere?


No, it is not necessary in Portuguese.


Chinese is not a language kkkk. There is Mandarin and Cantonese and a few other languages spoken in China.


This is true, but you write in Chinese script because the characters are understood no matter from where in China you are.


Actually, if people say Chinese is a language, it is not entirely wrong.

Mandarin is the official language in China. Cantonese spoken mainly in Canton region is one of the many Chinese dialects among others; all those languages are called Chinese. The grammar is the same. Every Chinese-speaking people understands Mandarin, but not all understand Cantonese.

Chinese characters used in mainland China is simplified. Simplified Chinese characters were introduced in mainland China mainly to reduce illiteracy since 1950s.



why not "I don't know to write in chinese"?


Good question. In English, we have to use “how” after “know” in a sentence like this. I know it’s not used in Spanish or Portuguese, so it’s confusing, but “how” is necessary here. For English speakers, our challenge is to remember not to include “how” when we’re translating to another language.


Ok I got it.. thanks for your explanation. So in that sense, it souds more natural to say "I don't know how to write chinese" as everybody has commented?


There was no 'como' so why 'how to' In another sentence it was there so we can say ' how to' My answer should be accepted

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