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  5. "Två år är tjugofyra månader."

"Två år är tjugofyra månader."

Translation:Two years is twenty-four months.

March 16, 2015



Two years are I think


så, bara gå jag med siffrorna? 21= tjugoett? 22= tjugotvå? 34= trettiofyra? 56= femtiosex? 67= sextiosju?

And for longest figures, what do i do? And one more question, for saying join, connect can i use gå med or ansluta. (In my sentence i used gå med), And please, correct my bad english if it is not right..!


For ’connect’ you could say kombinera or binda ihop in this context. And yes, you just combine them: två miljarder-en-miljon-fyra-hundra-tusen-ett-hundra-femtio-sex


When do i use gå med and ansluta...?, could you please use exemples in your reply..?!


Gå med is more to join a group or a party or something like that. It’s used with the preposition i very often:

  • Jag ska gå med i armén (I am going to join the army?)
  • Vill du gå med i vår bokklubb? (Do you want to join our book club?)
  • Han gick med i vänsterpartiet när han var 18 år gammal. (He joined the Left party when he was 18 years old.)

Ansluta mostly means ’to connect’ and is used when talking about technical stuff.

  • Är du ansluten till internet? (Are you connected to the internet?)

It can also mean ’join’ and be used similarly to gå med above, when joining an organisation of some sort, but with the preposition till. It is not as common as gå med:

  • Han anslöt sig till det vinnande laget. (He joined the winning side.)

It can also be used when agreeing with someone, this is a somewhat rare usage:

  • Jag ansluter mig till föregående talare. (I agree with [I join with] the previous speaker.)

When you use the verb transitively like you did above, i.e. when you join or fuse something together, be it two cables or two numbers, you can use kombinera (combine) or something like sätta/binda + ihop/samman (which loosely means ’put together’).

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