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  5. "Minha mala é amarela."

"Minha mala é amarela."

Translation:My suitcase is yellow.

March 16, 2015



Someone call the fashion police! A yellow handbag is one thing but a suitcase? No.


So, for Brazil (not sure if it would be any different in other places):

Primarily: Mala = suitcase

Then, secondly, mala = trunk if you're talking about a) the back of the car where you put the stuff, or b) the... human body xD
A travelling trunk (like the one they used in Harry Potter) would rarely be considered a mala. It might be called a mala baú (if you're looking to buy it online, for instance), but really we just called it a baú

Last but not least, a duffel bag and any of those bags that you use for travelling but are not really suitcases, are also called mala - so this is one instance I can think of where mala could be translated as bag, but it just won't work for any bag (you can't call a grocery bag a "mala")

As for the case/briefcase, we usually call them pasta or maleta - but you could have a mala de dinheiro (case full of money), I've seen it used like that in movies, at least - I've never seen an actual case full of money in real life, so...

Hope this helps. If you still have questions, just ask C:


mala is not bag? In a general sense I frequently refer to suitcases as bags.


suitcase and luggage. similar?

  • suitcase = mala

  • luggage = bagagem


A minha mala...?


According to the translation you provide for "mala" can be either case or suitcase, so I typed : My case is yellow, but got it as incorrect.


I thought it could mean purse, but got it wrong.


No, purse will always be bolsa (or carteira, if it's a situation where you mean a purse like a wallet) C:


Yeah I typed PURSE and got it wrong.


However, I think that it should also be accepted because in Portugal that is how one refers to purses, but oh well.


When I first read your comment I did not believe it. But, I asked around and sure enough, mala is used for purse in Portugal.

Thank you for teaching me a new thing. :)

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