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"An dtéann go dtí an coláiste an ollscoil?"

Translation:Do you go to the college or the university?

March 16, 2015



This is a bit confusing as in Ireland people call universities colleges.


It could be confusing in the case of Trinity College (the only constituent college of the University of Dublin) or the “recognized colleges” of the National University of Ireland, but many secondary schools in Ireland are also called “colleges”. On the other hand, numerous Irish tertiary schools are colleges in all but name, such as the several Institutes of Technology.


Yes but if I said "I'm going to college", no one would think that I'm going to secondary school. Likewise, although my secondary school had college in its title, we never referred to it as college.


In English, yes, I’d agree with you. But since this is an Irish-to-English translation exercise, and coláiste refers to either a college or a secondary school, what was meant would depend upon context.


Heck, same in America. Only time the difference matters is for each school's name!


Is it grammatically wrong to repeat "to": to the college or TO the university?


It's not grammatically wrong, but it isn't a translation of the Irish sentence.

"Do you go to the college or to the university?" suggests a "which" question, whereas "Do you go to the college or the university?" implies an "either" question, though intonation and context could be used to imply these different meanings with or without the additional "to".


"Do you go to the college or to the university?" was mine and it was rejected.


An dtéann tú go dtí an coláiste nó go dtí an ollscoil?


My translation is exactly as the given translation Still it says I'm wrong. Duh?


In America, a university might call itself a college, but a college should not call itself a university unless it is one. Locally, someone might be referring to the two-year community college, which is definitely not a university, or the state university, which is. When we say, "Do you go to college?" without an article, it could mean either.


Non-native English speaker here. What is the difference between a college and a university?


"College" is a somewhat non-specific term, somewhat like "school". A University can be made up of different "schools" or "colleges" ("the college of Medicine", the "school of Engineering", etc). The National University of Ireland is comprised of University College Dublin, University College Cork, NUI Galway (formerly University College Galway), Maynooth University, and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. Trinity College Dublin is "the sole constituent college of the University of Dublin".

While "college" is usually associated with 3rd level education, in Ireland, many 2nd level schools also use the word College in the name.


This sentence keeps being repeated. I gave the correct translation, but it is not accepted. I cannot finish the lesson, because the same sentence is repeated over and over again. AAArrrgggg!!!


Are you using the website, or are you using one of the various Duolingo apps on a mobile device? If you are using an app, and it is clearly doing something wrong, you need to take a screenshot that illustrates the problem and submit a bug report

This is a bug, rather than a problem with the Irish course, because the web version of Duolingo accepts "Do you go to the college or the university?" as the correct translation. As such, you might be better off posting in the Troubleshooting forum, where there is some chance that a Duolingo developer might see your post (I can pretty much guarantee that there aren't any Duolingo developers reading comments on Irish exercises).

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