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  5. "Não, eu não tenho bebês."

"Não, eu não tenho bebês."

Translation:No, I do not have babies.

August 28, 2013


[deactivated user]

    The English sentence is unnatural. It should be No, I don't have any babies.


    plz dont make me use the accent marks :(


    You'll only be faulted for not using them when you end up writing a different word in Portuguese because of it (here, "(tu) bebes" = you drink vs. bebês = babies). You can add a Portuguese keyboard to your phone or computer or use the accents we provide you in the browser version (www.duolingo.com, for computers only).


    O wrote bebes because I'm from Portugal and brasilian portuguese has diferent accents. But it was marked as correct


    I do not have "any"babies would be the correct English version not i do not have babies( only foreigners would loose the any)


    how far is a kid from bebe?


    Hmmm... up to 2 years old he/she is still considered a baby at times.


    Very often it is not a question of time or age.


    On Android, you can Swype and it'll auto fill in your accents.

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