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"Bruger de ketsjere når de spiller volleyball?"

Translation:Do they use rackets when they play volleyball?

March 16, 2015



I love it that 'ketsjer' sounds so much like the English word 'catcher.' I may not spell it right, but I hope if I ever hear the word, I'll know what it means. :)


The TTS skips "når" is this sentence. Is that just how Danish works, or is this a Duo bug?

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It does not really skip it, not in the android app in any case. But you are right that it is barely there, it's more like a very short 'noh'.
And I do believe that is indeed the right way it is spoken by humans.


Are there any other ball-based sports which a translated name in Danish apart from fodbold?


Too many to list. The vast majority of sports have their English name, or a name the English is translated into Danish (fodbold or vandpolo for example) but you also have tennis, badminton, golf, basketball, squash, the list goes on and on


I'd be surprised if there was any language in which golf wasn't golf :-). Squash is a relatively new sport and I wouldn't expect a Danish term. Can the age of the game be taken as a rule of thumb - older games have been translated, newer ones keep the English name?

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I think most games that are played internationally now emerged in the 19th century, and English then already was the major international language. That's why most sports terms in a lot of european languages are (localised) english words. Even in French! :-)


Apart from Italian. Mussolini translated them all so we have:

Football - calcio

Basketball - pallacanestro

Volleyball - pallavolo

Handball - pallamano

Waterpolo - pallanuoto

But to be fair most others keep the English name.

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