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  5. "We are eating the lunch."

"We are eating the lunch."

Translation:Vi spiser frokosten.

March 16, 2015



Would you actually say "We are eating the lunch" as opposed to "We are eating lunch" in Danish?


Yes, but the Danes also say "Vi spiser frokost", which is the version I have found to be the most common. However, having said that, this section is called "definites", which means that we must practise the definite article "the". This is because, in Danish, the definite article is added to the end of the noun, and not separately before the noun as in English. This could take some getting used to.


Why ,,Vi,,reads,,vis,,?


    It sounds right to me, just maybe the "vi" flowing straight into "spiser", the slow audio is okay


    On mobile, when you do one of the exercises where you have to build a sentence out of a bunch of words that it gives you, 'Vi' always sounds like 'Vis' when you place it. A lot of the words are a little off in those exercises, but sound fine if you listen to them in an exercise that speaks the full sentence at once.


    How is this sentence in Danish usable in real life? For example, "We are eating the lunch." comes across as a bit sarastic or argumentative, in English. It would possibly an argumentative response to the command , "Eat your lunch!" However, "We are eating lunch." is just a factual comment that could indicate we are busy eating lunch and need to complete the task of eating lunch before doing something else. Which is the correct translation?


    Really strange. I didn't know that 'frokost' was 'lunch' in Danish. In Sweden, 'frukost.' is 'breakfast.'.

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