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Can we practice flashcards in reverse? I mean showing the English word first

March 16, 2015



Great idea! I think it would also be cool to be able to somehow "save" words that the user wasn't able to translate so that they can be practised later and when the user feels like he or she is comfortable with the word, the word can be "swiped" away. Such saved words could be in an alternative "stack" of flashcards which can be practised separate from the automatically created flashcards.

Perhaps I should've made a new thread for this, but since it was somewhat related I figured to write it here.


I agree about English to French. However, I'm not too keen on flash cards in general. I'd much rather have a vocabulary training feature where I had to type in the correct French word. And make it have a "nitpick option" too, in which you have to get both the spelling and the accents right.


Yeah, I feel like doing that is a lot more challenging and therefore more productive.


You could do the French to English course as I plan to do, although it is a lot of effort just to earn reverse flashcards. I imagine it is a useful learning experience though.


I started the "learn English / I know French" course (even though I am only 3/4 through the learn French course) and it is indeed helpful, plus you have reverse flash cards, and reverse everything!


Hey, thanks for the tip!


I also started the French to English course to get reverse flashcards but I just noticed the artilcle is not shown at all. I'd prefer to learn article and noun together.


I agree, target language first than english is too easy


I would love that feature. It is so much more challenging.

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