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Help: Can somone explain the difference between inget/ingen and någon/något?

As fas as I know, they are both supposed to be used as 'no' or 'none', but as to which context they are used I do not know.

Tack så mycket!

March 16, 2015



Well, they aren't both used as 'no' or 'none.' Ingen/inget/inga is used to mean no/none/no one, while någon/något/några means any/anyone. The difference between them is that ingen means no one or nothing for nouns that end in -en, inget means nothing for nouns that end in -et, and inga means nothing in the plural. Just as well, någon means someone or something for nouns ending in -en, något means something for nouns ending in -et, and några is the plural of något/n. So, for example:

Det fanns ingen där. - There was no one there.

Vi har ingen tid.- We have no time.

Jag har inget socker i köket - I have no sugar in the kitchen.

Han har inga pengar kvar. - He has no money left.

Någon svarade mig. - Someone answered me.

Någon gång kommer jag här. -Some time I will come here.

Har vi något att äta? - Do we have anything to eat?

Några pojkar kunde simma. -Some boys could swim.

Also, it's probably good to note that in casual speech and writing, några gets shortened to nåra, någon to nån, and något to nåt.

Vad gör du för nåt? - What are you up to?


Thank you for this! I have another question for you: Isn't 'har inte någon/nagot/nagra' another way of saying "doesn't have" or "has none"? I guess this is how I got confused.


Yes, you could say either.

Vi har inte något att ge dig/Vi har inget att ge dig - We have nothing to give you.

Hade inte någon sagt något?/Hade ingen sagt något? -Had no one said anything?

It's quite like the difference between Hasn't anyone/anything and Has no one/nothing work in English.

Can no one stop them? vs Can anyone stop them?

You see that there's a subtle difference, but that ultimately they mean the same thing?


Excellent. Thank you.


If I want to say: I don't have any secrets (that I hide from you): Can I say both: Jag har inga hemligheter för dig and Jag har inte hemligheter för dig?


I think you should choose between: 1. Jag har inga hemligheter för dig or: 2. Jag har inte några hemligheter för dig

But please correct me if I'm wrong, because I'm also still struggeling with this sometimes :-)


I think you are right! Don't worry! I'm still struggling too :)


Inget/ingen means no (one), but någon/något means some (one). E.g.

  1. Någon man kunde göra något - Some man could do something
  2. Ingen man kunde göra något - No man could to anything
  3. Något barn åt - Some child ate
  4. Inget barn åt - No child ate

I hope this answers your question ^^

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