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"Zij schreven samen een boek over de aarde."

Translation:They wrote a book about the Earth together.

March 16, 2015



"They wrote together a book about the earth" why not?


"...on the Earth" should also be accepted.


Could this be "Together they wrote a book about the earth" Good placement for English, but not sure if you could use a similar word order in Dutch, which would then be a slightly different sentence.


I wrote "soil" instead of "Earth" and Duolingo said it was wrong. What I do not understand is why is not written Aarde with a begining capital "A". Is this a mistake or is it right to write "aarde" if you are talking about the planet?


Are their circumstances, like in english, when "aarde" translates interchangeably between "earth" and "world"? In a somewhat scientific context "earth" here seems appropriate although in general, "world" is the best likely context.


I wrote 'they wrote a book together about the soil ' mainly because the word 'aarde' was lower case and elsewhere Duo gives Aarde for the Earth with a capital A. After all this is what soil scientists probably do from time to time....? Anyway, I was marked wrong - so when soil scientists do rush into print, how would you write it?


Is it true that the 'ch' in "schreven" or "schrijf" is not pronounced, or barely pronounced? (as said here: http://www.heardutchhere.net/DutchPronunciation.html#SCHR)

I feel that sometimes I do hear the 'ch' pronounced, as it would be in "Schipol" or "schaap."

Can any native speakers comment? Is this perhaps a matter of accent/dialect?


Pronounced according to http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/vertaal/NL/EN/schrijven, but may vary with dialects, of course: het schrijven zelfst.naamw. Uitspraak: [ˈsxrɛivə(n)] (Not a native speaker.) I hear it in the example, but not a very strong consonant.


Dank u wel. I do see that the regular 'ch' pronunciation reflected on Mijnwoordenboek, and I do hear it (though not so strong) in the example here. Thinking what I have heard before was more dialectal (perhaps southern?). Just a thought.

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