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"Seine Eltern hatten dort eine Bäckerei."

Translation:His parents had a bakery over there.

August 29, 2013



Can 'dort' go to the back of the sentence?


terrible audio of Bäckerei..... just a warning for the ones learning german!


yes, the pronunciation of "Bäckerei" is not good enough to learn it correct (I hear Bäck-o-rei ;)

[deactivated user]

    Yep, that's what I hear too.

    Reported it 3 times now. Must be a technical problem. Most sounds are ok by now, apart from some funny over-stressing or, wrong inflection.

    To all students: there is no letter O in Baeckerei!


    Can I use bakery at the end of the sentence?


    Isn't "over there" = "dort drüben"? I answered "his parents had a bakerie there" and it was marked wrong.

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