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"Det er især populært om sommeren."

Translation:It is popular especially during the summer.

March 17, 2015



in the english, these two correct options have subtle differences based on context:

  1. it is especially popular during the summer vs
  2. it is popular especially during the summer.

i am not sure if the danish leans toward either or both of these in different contexts...?


I agree, but would add that I don't think the difference is really subtle. They are two different things in English. This one caught me out, first time round, because the lessons treat the two sentences the same.


Could it be "it is specially popular in the summer"?


I would think so because"specially" was written in front of popular, not in front of "in summer"


... and is accepted with "especially"


Thank you --- i'm never sure about the difference between "specially" and "especially." I did a quick search, and it seems like 'specially' means, 'in a special manner,' while 'especially' means, 'particularly' --- so, i suppose 'especially' would be the correct one indeed. Thanks :-)

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