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Danish Levels

After completing the tree, (which I'm about to finish in the next few days) the highest level it looks like I'll get to is level 11 or so. I thought there were 25 levels... Can anyone help answer this?

March 17, 2015



Levels are all based on XP, not how far you are on the tree. Someone could technically get to level 25 just by redoing Basics 1 over and over. To get to level 25 you will have to go back and do lots of practice!


I'm level 10 and I'm only half-way through the tree. It depends on how thoroughly you work through and practice the tree as you're going.


It depends on the amount of experience one gets. For example, right now I am a level ten and I not done with the colors topic. But it is because I completed the crown level on the first few such as basics. It depends on XP that one gets. (Sorry my English might suck a little...)

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