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Træ nummer tre: det er rødt, det er hvidt (nu, ikke særlig gylden)

Completed third tree: Danish from English (previous ones: German from English, Spanish from English). Happy me! Needs more gold, as time permits. Will be trying to watch some online Danish TV, and reading some books. Also will attempt to engage little mermaids and ugly ducklings in conversation, should they cross my path, since I now have the requisite vocabulary at my fingertips.

I'm basically working my way back from the languages I've had more prior actual practice with to the ones I've used less. Danish was not super easy, but a lot of fun (thanks to great contributors and helpful other people answering questions)! It will be the hardest one to find native speakers for here.

Next goal: French, not really touched it much since high school days; about halfway down the tree so far (lot tougher grammar than Danish). If Mandarin comes out, I'll jump on that because I'm about as fluent as molasses in that, with the active vocabulary of a lobotomized squirrel. So: på gensyn, au revoir, zai4 jian4!

March 17, 2015


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