"A little moment."

Translation:Ett litet ögonblick.

March 17, 2015

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How are Ett ogonblick and Ett litet ogonblick the same thing?


They mean the same, really.


I googled "ett långt ögonblick" for fun, and quickly realised that it's mostly prevalent in Harlequinesque novels. :p

It might be noted, btw, that "ett stort ögonblick" is an idiomatic expression which translates to "a great moment" or similar.


True that. Good point!


How am I supposed to know if it's en/ett and liten/litet?


It has to be learned with the noun.


Yeah, but it only seemed to introduce new nouns by themselves with an indefinite article back in the earlier modules. Now, all of the new words are injected into full sentences, so I rarely get to see the indefinite article forms of new words, and I just end up having to guess most of the time.


I'm afraid that might happen when you get a phrase to translate from English to Swedish in the late modules. :/


All of a sudden, I am totally confused. Not fair. How am I supposed to know if the correct is en or ett, or a liten or litet? Oh dear!!! New words appear in full sentences, but the clues shown the words are wrong. A while back, I could trust them to be correct and adequate...


I agree, its very confusing.


Whats the difference between ögonblick and stund?


ett ögonblick is 'a moment', a very short span of time, basically the shortest time span it's ever useful to talk about in everyday life.
en stund is a fairly short time span, maybe a few minutes. It depends a little on context but probably less than an hour. 'a while' is the best English translation for it, although 'a while' can be longer, too.


It tells me the correct translation is "en liten stund"


I wrote ögonblick, but it is not accpted, is says stund. Why?


Ögonblick must be an ett word after all. Swedish grammar still easier than German.


I think that this series of exercises need a little optimisation: the multiple-choice exercises should be either right or wrong without any margin for typos. I think that previous ones where like that and I don't know why it's different in this thematic balloon.


Should it be "lila" as long as it is "the moment"?


I put "ett litet tag". It's not exactly the same, but shouldn't it be correct?


Wait..why is it not lilla here?


Används LİLLE endast för människor?


So litet, lilen, lille and lilla ... I'm lost as to what to use when. Litet for ett-words ....


Why is en liten ogonblick wrong?


When I tapped the English words, it mislead me (said "en liten" instead of "ett litet"). :/ I thought the hints usually showed the correct one (en or ett) as the top suggestion.


I wasn't paying attention and I submitted "Ett ögonblick" and it marked as correct, while I obviously did not add the part where the lesson is about. Is that because of the sentence being better without "litet" in Swedish?


This one the hints are misleading. I guess I should memorize that ögonblick is an ett noun, but the hint said "en liten" and I thought the top suggestion was usually the correct ett or en conjugation.


The hint says "en litet" which is incorrect. I often get "en" and "ett" confused but this one threw me off because I got right originally and then changed it after checking.


Why? Diffrent lile or litet?


Why is this litet? I understand it is an ett word but I felt like lite was used when it was a little of something for example a little water 'lite vatten'. I know if jts a noun you use litet and liten and if kts plural små but this moment being litet has me all confused again.


When do we use lille litet lilla liten ?!


Why is the hint en liten??


So, does this roughly translate to the English language phrase "in the blink of an eye"?


Ögonblick is like saying "blink of an eye".

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