"Förslaget blev stoppat."

Translation:The proposal was stopped.

March 17, 2015

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I do not feel "The suggestion was stopped" is natural English. How about "The suggestion was blocked/ignored/not followed up"?


I agree with the objection to the English. I think your suggestion -blocked- could be accepted. I note that -ignored / not followed up- would use different wording in Swedish. Unfortunately -blocked- goes straight into Swedish as -blockerat- , but my dictionary indicates that -blocked- can be translated as -stoppat-. However -förslag- can also be -proposal- and -the proposal was stopped- seems to be OK to me.


Good idea, I agree that stopping a suggestion sounds kind of dumb in English, changing to proposal instead.


Can someone tell me the difference between: Förslaget blev stoppat. and Förslaget stoppades.


There's a difference in how you view it – for stoppades, if you view it either as a process or as a 'pure fact', whereas in blev stoppat focuses on the result or 'change of state'.


Thank you so much. I'll keep an eye on that, maybe I get it some day. Jag var förvirrad sedan jag har läst i en tidning: blev påkörd av en polisbil.


In practice the difference is so small that you don't really have to care about it. – When talking about getting hit by cars, it's usually expressed with blev påkörd because it's normally something that happens very fast and you state the result rather than describing the process (which is so short anyway).


"Jag blev förvirrad när jag läste i en tidning" would be better Swedish, at least if you meant to say you were confused when you read in a newspaper. If you meant to say you've been confused since you read it, that would be "Jag har varit förvirrad sedan[...]".


And why is it stoppat here?!


In your other question, it was stoppad because it's singular passive. In this case, it's still singular passive - but förslag is an ett-word, so it's conjugated to stoppat.

Edit: Sorry, I just realised you found that out in the other thread as well. I'll leave my answer here in case anybody else is wondering too. :)


Thanks buddy, much appreciated


Would "The proposal was put to rest" be more passive than the Swedish?


Why not stoppades? What is the purpose of this lesson. The Perifrastic passive? If so any link or explanation of when using both?

For example in this example i dont see the difference between using blev stoppat vs stoppades


The purpose of this lesson is to show you a little bit about what the forms of the passive are in Swedish and give you some examples of how they are used.

This is a sentence from Swedish into English. When you translate the same sentence from English into Swedish, the answer Förslaget stoppades is also accepted. I think my short answer to gisberth above in this discussion pretty much covers what can be said about the difference.

We don't use the passive a lot in Swedish, except for a few combinations such as är född 'was born', so in a basic course like this one, the most important thing is just to recognize and understand the forms.

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I get the feeling that we would be understood whichever we use. I find Duo is fairly relaxed about which I use, and I guess the way to learn the subtleties and preferred uses is wider reading. I do see passive sentences in online newspapers and they're not hard to understand.


varför kan man inte säga The proposal became stopped.???


I don't think "became" is idiomatic English here, though not being a native English speaker, I could be wrong.


Det låter inte bra på engelska; -came to a stop-, -came to a halt- kunde vara OK. Det går inte bra med -proposal-, tror jag. Men man kunde säga det och bli förstådd.


Why is it blev stoppat, but blev förhörd and blev behandlad - with a -t/-d

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