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Defective verbs

The verb colorir shows as regular on duo


but appears to be defective on other sites.

Here it is defective in the first person singular.


Here it only has nós and vós forms




Does anyone agree on how it should be conjugated?

And how do you work around the defective forms?

Would you really not say "Eu coloro a garrafa" when you can say "Nós colorimos a garrafa."?

Would you say "Eu estou colorindo a garrafa" ?

I'm puzzled as to why such a normal looking word ended up being defective.


August 29, 2013

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Actually we hardly ever use "colorir" but "pintar"... yes, some verbs are not conjugated for every single person, for example "eu explodo" (I explode) There is no way to conjugate it for the first singular person in the present tense. There are just few verbs and you know them by learning them =) i think that's not a thing to worry much about. (Btw, there isnt "eu coloro a garrafa" but "eu colori, estou colorindo, etc)

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