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"They love the journey, because it is like a fairytale."

Translation:De elsker rejsen, fordi den er som et eventyr.

March 17, 2015



adventure = fairytale?


On another page (Eventyret slutter her), someone posted that the primary meaning of "eventyret" is fairytale and the secondary meaning is adventure, "as the idea of an adventure is not very prevalent among Danes".


Would it be ok to use ligesom in this sentence instead of som?


I'm having the same question. There's another forum post about this. But I really don't know.

[deactivated user]

    So ''journey'' is ''rejse'' while ''trip'' is ''tur''? Or what is the different between ''rejse'' and ''tur'' because ''De elsker turen...'' is not accepted here.


    De elsker rejsen, fordi den er som et eventyr. can't we use det instead of den here?


    I assumed it had to be den because we're referring to rejsen and they should match.


    Please explain why ligesom versus som is wrong to use in this example.


    So far, no one has. I thought they were more or less interchangeable, but it does not accept ligesom. I wish someone would explain the difference.


    "fordi" is correct, but so is "da den er..."


    I still dont know when to use et or en after all these lessons. What did I miss


    I've had this problem too. Go back to the beginning and redo the lessons at the start. Read the lesson notes, and they will explain the difference and when to use them. :)


    do you need 'et' after som. Other sentences dropped the 'a' so could it be for instance- '...den er som eventyr'

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