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"El amor es una emoción muy fuerte."

Translation:Love is a very strong emotion.

March 17, 2015



why is it not fuerta?


Hello Mani439608. "Fuerta" doesn't exist in Spanish.

  • "Fuerte" is an invariable adjective (it has the same spelling for both genders.) ■Plural: Fuertes. Ex.
    • -The man is strong. (El hombre es fuerte.)
    • -The woman is strong. (La mujer es fuerte.)
    • -The men are strong. (Los hombres son fuertes.)
    • -The women are strong. (Las mujeres son fuertes.)


Hola Lee, Here's a lingot for you!


Why isn't "Love's" accepted :/


Though it may be said rapidly in English, whereby "Love Is" may sound like Love"S, Love Is is not a contracted word.

Instead, "Love's" is possessive, such as, "Love's expression of emotion is very strong."


Why is "the love is an emotion very strong" not accepted?


Hola, AcHoyle.

  1. Adjective + NOUN:
    • I have a fast HORSE. (Tengo un caballo rápido).
    • You are a good STUDENT. (Eres un buen alumno).
    • She is a strong WOMAN. (Es una mujer fuerte).
    • Love is a very strong EMOTION.
  2. VERB + adverb:
    • The horse RUNS fast. (El caballo corre rápido).
    • The student does not FEEL well. (El alumno no se siente bien).
    • It IS RAINING strongly. (Está lloviendo fuertemente/fuerte/con fuerza).
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