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"De jonge hond drinkt water."

Translation:The young dog drinks water.

3 years ago



"hound" should be allowed as a translation of "hond". It may not be as common as dog, but it certainly helps to emphasize the similarities between Dutch and English.

3 years ago

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"1A dog of a breed used for hunting, especially one able to track by scent:" - Oxford dictionaries

In other words, all hounds are dogs but not all dogs are hounds. A hound would best translate to wind/jachthond in Dutch.

3 years ago


Ok thanks, I stand corrected :)

3 years ago


Please can someone explain the difference between jong and jonge

2 years ago

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Roughly speaking, "jong" gets used before "het" words and "jonge" before "de" words.

There are some rules, but I can never remember them, I'd have to go through my notes and I do not have them at hand at the moment.

But check the skill on adjectives on the website: there you'll find very clear explanations and examples.

I know there are some exceptions when we are using indefinite articles or somerthing, but I really cannot remember, sorry.

1 year ago

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Is there a proper word for puppy in Dutch or should puppy be accepted as a translation for jonge hond?

7 months ago


in Dutch they say puppy too and not jonge hond

3 months ago