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Hej! I just finished the "arts" unit, and I was saddened by the relatively small number of instruments named in that section. I mean, I get it; if you aren't a musician, you're probably fine only knowing flute, violin, piano, guitar, and drum. But I am a musician, so I'd really like to be able to talk about a wider variety of instruments.

How does one say "trombone," or "trumpet," or "tuba"? What are the words for "cello" and "bass"? How about "clarinet" or "oboe" or "saxophone" or "bassoon"? "Pipe organ"? "Bells"? "Harmonica"?

And then there are other instruments that I'm sure are just transliterated from their original language, like "didgeridoo" and "shofar."

March 17, 2015



Tack! So it looks like, for most instruments, we follow the "joke" rule for going from English to Swedish: turn a c to a k and drop off the e at the end of a word. :-P Either that, or it's the exact same as German.


I don't know if anyone is doing the bonus skills for Swedish - if you do a search for BSCT then you should be able to find the post. I know we have a music skill :)


Tyvärr finns de inte på svenska :(

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