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Discussion's Search engine : Add an "?" (help) box/button in which syntax is explained


I think it can be useful that when (new) users use (for the first times?) the search engine within the discussion page, the website show them (Info box? pop-up (well no, f**g pop-ups)? Red disclaimer on top of the results?) some explanation on how to use it. I mean the syntax. Because I think, given how many redundant discussions there are (well it's also due to the fact that some don't use at all the search engine...), that there is a lot of us (like me until some days ago) that don't know the syntax.

So something explaining (and that, i'm repeating myself, but it's important, imposes itself to the (new) user) simply that:

  • A+' AND '+B [case sensitive] : to search discussions with both A and B.
  • "qwerty" [with quote marks] : to search discussions with the exact sequence of character
  • A+' OR '+B / A B : to search discussions with at least one of the two elements A and B.
  • maybe some other syntax that I don't know.
August 29, 2013



Do search engine have any syntax? Looks like it treats all word as OR


You can use AND, OR (both capitalized), quotation marks " " and parenthesis ( ).

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