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  5. "Dein Mann isst das Insekt."

"Dein Mann isst das Insekt."

Translation:Your husband is eating the insect.

August 29, 2013

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This seems a little ridiculous as the sentence doesn't make sense in English. Duolingo seems to have double standards for this - some times it corrects sentences 'because you just wouldn't say that' and other times it penalises you for it. It would be nice to be clear one way or the other...


Couldn't "Dein Mann" be translated as "Your Husband"?


Yes. This sentence can mean both "Your man," and "your husband." If you were talking to someone you would have context and therefore understand which one they meant.


why can't I use "this" for das?


Because "this" refers to a specific insect instead of just any insect. If it was "this" it should have been "dieses" instead of das.. I Think..


If it's not specific, then shouldn't it be "ein Insekt"?


So how it would be "this specific insect" in german?


Dieses Insekt. And also,"Das Insekt" in this case means The insect because "das" refers to the insect and it's in Akkusativ, the insect is the object. Dieses=this, das=the


What is the difference between Dein Mann and Ihr Mann? Both seem to mean Your. Perhaps they are different cases.


Dein means your (singular) wheras Ihr means your (plural)


Can anyone explain why this is nominative neuter here? I'm really not sure what that means but why can't it be der?


Insket is a neutral word, so it can't take der. Nominative means subjective and Accusative means objective. Here das Insekt is not nominative; it's accusative (Insekt is object), but for neutral words, both nominative and accusative take das. You can check the table here: http://www.duden.de/rechtschreibung/Insekt


Is "Your man/husband is eating THAT insect" a correct translation?

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