"We live at a pretty good hotel."

Translation:Vi bor på ett ganska bra hotell.

March 17, 2015

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duolinguo has a lot of references to living in a hotel, but I think of a hotel as a very temporary place to be - what am I missing? Is a hotel an apartment building? Is bor meaning staying here for a few days rather than living semipermanently?


"Bor" means "Resides", "Lives in a place".

As opposed to "Leva", which means "To be alive".


The problem is that in Swedish "att bo" means "to live" somewhere as well as "to stay" somewhere. So in Swedish you would use the same word (att bo/jag bor) referring to staying at a hotel as you would when talking about the apartment or the house that you live in.

It's the English translation that's the problem. It should say "I am staying at a pretty good hotel". Swedes mix this up all the time, using "live" to refer to a place they stayed in for a few days. I reported this problem with the translation so hopefully it gets fixed.


We're aware of this, and stay/staying is an accepted answer, but I think live is the main translation because we felt that We're staying at a hotel would give us lots of answers with stannar instead of bor.


Why is "ett ganska gott hotell" incorrect? What is the difference between "god" and "bra"?


Bra should be used most of the time for "good" except for a few exceptions for example "god morgon" "godnatt", etc. You also use "god" in reference to food and it's more equivalent to "tasty" in English.

If in doubt use "bra" for good and you'll pick up the "god" use cases as you go.

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