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"I want the quilt to cover the whole bed."

Translation:Jag vill att täcket ska täcka hela sängen.

March 17, 2015



Why is 'Jag vill täcket för att täcka hela sängen' not correct?


Because that is grammatically incorrect, and reads like "I want to the quilt in order to cover the whole bed"

"I want X to do Y" is always "Jag vill att X ska göra Y".

Example: "Jag vill att han ska gå dit" - "I want him to go there"


Berniebud below answered a question saying "I want X to do Y" is always "Jag vill att X ska göra Y". I am assuming this is a fixed expression of some sort? I am confused at two things here:

First, why is it "vill att" and not just "vill"? A direct english translation of "vill att" seems like it would be "I want to the quilt".

Second, why is "ska" in "täcket ska täcka"?

Overall it seems the sentence translates into "I want to the quilt will cover the entire bed".



att is a conjunction in this case, so you can't compare it to to, but you should compare it to that.

ska is a modal verb which carries the meaning of either someone controlling an action, or someone wanting for something to happen (or not happen).

A literal English translation of this construction would be I want that X shall Y (there isn't really a very good literal translation for ska, but shall is a cognate and can also carry the meaning of intention).


Tack så mycket!! Detta hjälper mig mycket!

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