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Got a question about swedish.

Hello everyone!. So yesterday i discovered dualingo, and i'am amazed how good this app is. The thing is that i started learning swedish right away (i've always wanted to learn the language) and i already need help with a sentence.

What is the right way to say: I'am drinking water.

It is: Jag ar dricker vatten, or Jag dricker vatten?

(I don't know how to put the smal circle on top of the a on ar so sorry about that).

Tack sa mycket!.

March 17, 2015



Another thing to note is that there is no such thing as the present progressive in Swedish. So I am doing (something) and I do (something) are represented by the same verb tense, which is just the normal present. I see what you're trying to do with the Jag är construction, but there's no need to worry about that, haha. It's Jag dricker vatten all across the board, whether you mean I drink water or I'm drinking water. It's all the same in Swedish.


Jag dricker vatten is the correct one. :)


Tack så mycket!!! Now i can continue haha.


Ingen orsak, lycka till med att lära dig svenska! :)


Har du alltid talade svenska? För en människa på Duolingo, mycket få kan talar mycket bra svenska. Oh, jag var undrar, vad betyder "orsak"? Jag kanske att lär mig att, men jag kan inte minnes det, därför att nu jag studerar tysk. Också, vad är ditt favorit språk av din lista? Jag är ledsen till bry dig, har en fin dag! Jag är ledsen för mina misstag.


Yes, I have always, or at least almost always, spoken Swedish, as I grew up in Sweden. :) "Ingen orsak" is a phrase that literally means "no reason" and it means like "you're welcome". I don't know what list you're refering to, the list of the languages that I'm studying on Duolingo? Then my favorite is definitely French!


Yes ,right list. Do you like Spanish? I love the sound of French , and I think it is tied with Swedish for the most beautiful language in the world. German is pretty in its own way too, but, like, horrifically pretty. Spanish, in my opinion, is like ugly Portuguese, but this might be because of the spanish all around me growing up, and me just not wanting to like it.


If you are on some kind of tablet, usually you can hold down a letter and it will give you options for all of the accents, rings and umlauts.

If you have problems with that, have a rummage in the forums for instructions on keyboards. I think there is a wiki too with commonly asked questions. You can follow-up here if you want some help.

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