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"It costs thousands of crowns."

Translation:Det kostar tusentals kronor.

March 17, 2015



tusan vs tusantal vs tusentals?


You mean about the meaning of these words? I'm not a native speaker but 'tusan' is thousand in English, 'tusentals' in the other hand is thousands (of). 'Jag har tusentals böcker' = I have thousands of books. I have no idea if 'tusantal' is even a word. Could someone please come and explain?


It's tusen = 'thousand'. There's no word tusantal; tusentals means 'thousands', like in thousands of crowns. That means approximately somewhere from 1000 to 9000.

Tusan is a mild curse, no, not even a curse, it's like maybe 'jikes' or something like that.


Whoops. Of course I wrote it wrong. Tack så mycket!

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